Anonymous asked: Hun, these anons are sooooo *yawn* boring and lack critical thinking skills in a major way, they're really embarrassing themselves. But I know it's a bummer to get hate even when you know they're wrong as hell. Kisses to you, I think you're great (and men suck). Sorry for being anon too but I don't want these annoying jerks flooding my inbox as well. x x

ty :) :) :)


:3 ily2 anon

Anonymous asked: you seem like a complete idiot to me :/ heterosexuality is "boring" ? so its ok for u to say that but if i said being Gay or Bi is "Boring or "Wrong" id be a complete asshole... just dont make sence to me :/ i mean you are ment to be with a woman to reproduce.. now im not saying if you ate gay or whatever you are wrong but putting those statements out there that being hetero is beoring and stuff doesent make you one bit better than the homophobes! and why are you hating on men so much ??


Anonymous asked: You're far from cute or adorable with what opinions you have on gender equality.

this sounds like you’re whining about how your man-ego is hurt :(

Anonymous asked: How about instead of abolishing men, we just abolish vindictive psychotic assholes like yourself?

can u not w/ the ableism tho

Anonymous asked: A girl with a uni-brow and dirt-stache isn't cute.

i’m not a girl and i love my facial hair. you’re just jealous that i’m more attractive than you *blows kisses while flipping you off*

twankiez asked: Your blog is really fucking triggering

Dear Zack “twankiez” —

According to your blog, you are a “daddy dom.” I have a suspicion that you do not actually know what the word “triggering” means.

Please stop being a douchebag.
— Lee

P.S. Friendly reminder to my followers: If i actually post something triggering without proper tags, feel free to send me an ask letting me know so I can fix it! :)

Anonymous asked: I hope you know people think you're a joke.

yeah, but they’re not the type of people i care about, so… *shrugs*

(unless you’re referring to my amazing ability to make puns. i am fully aware that people know of this power i have.)

Anonymous asked: Instead if abolishing men, maybe we should abolish the narrow minded that think men should be abolished.

your opinion is boring

Anonymous asked: "My tragic past is probably not as awful as yours" shut the fuck up, grow the fuck up, and get some therapy. There is no "score" for how bad someone's past is. There's nothing to boast about it, it's not to make you think you're better or higher-up from anyone else. You mature from it and it helps you console others who have gone through the same, not boast and be a petty bitch about it.

1. i am getting therapy??

2. that is literally the exact opposite of what i said

3. wOW gendered slurs